Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glutton for Punishment

First, the non-punishing update - after a full year of Clamshelling, I have the majority of the top finished!  60" wide by about 42" long at this point. 

As you can see, I've begun folding it to make my new rows each month, to manage the bulk a little.

Shamefully, I only completed two rows this month.  I have several excuses:
1.  The end of the school year is approaching fast: we've had *lots* of evening activities associated with the children's schools.  Concerts, art shows, orientation for Junior High, all that jazz.  Fun, but definitely not the kinds of activities where I can get away with handstitching in the corners!
2.  I agreed to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission again.  If any of you are familiar with small-town politics, you'll understand how overwhelming this can be.  Attempting to regulate how people use their land, especially here in New England where people are fiercely protective of their land rights, is a real challenge in many ways.  But since I've served in the past I've already made many enemies here in town (there is no such thing as a popular land-use decision!), so I cannot harm myself any more than I have already ... right?
3.  I took the Naked Bed Challenge.  Probably should have selected a quick-and-easy pattern, but silly me, I did not. I am awaiting a few more solids, and may well miss the deadline.  But my bed will.be.clothed by this Winter!  Here are a few blocks, with fabric auditions for the corners in progress:
4.  And here's my Big Excuse.  We've talked about getting a dog for years; this month, it happened.  Suddenly.  We adopted a lovable lummox from the local dog rescue.  Meet Cooper:
He's a mutt - Boxer, German Shepherd, Pit Bull or Rottweiler, who knows what else?  He is large and friendly and has the potential to be a terrific family pet once we all get trained up a bit. 

Iki is not amused.  Right now she's taking an Avoidance and Disdain approach; I'm still hoping she will prove her dominance by giving him a solid whack on the nose, but so far she hasn't. 

Have a happy June everyone!


  1. Well at least you made some progress which I can't say. In only sewed a few shells to finish a row. But.... I made a clamshell cushion which was really necessary.
    Enjoy the time with your new pet. Hij looks quite sweet.

  2. Look at all the clamshells!!!!! Excellent! Love your challenge blocks and Cooper too!!!