Monday, September 26, 2011

A Saga of Defeat and Redemption

Two years ago I spotted a fabulous crazy-quilt coat at the Renaissance Faire. Lightweight denim with embroidery and light patchwork all over it, coat length, simple shape, perfect fit.  It was too expensive. I grieved (well, relatively speaking).  I went to the other Faire (they have an autumn one and a spring one in another location), and it was there again; I went into action.  I dickered something fierce, but I only had plastic; with the dealer's plastic surcharge my entire dickering-discount went kaput and I dug my heels in and refused to buy it.

So here I am, with a trip coming up to one of the few places such a coat would be genuinely appreciated. I schemed, saved a few expense checks just for this purpose. I took the kids to Faire on Saturday with cash in hand and ready for a battle. The dealer wasn't there! Argh! I made the rounds about six times looking for a coat to replace my tweedy, comfy, I-love-it-but-it's-getting-too-ratty-for-public-view coat.  I looked at all kinds of funky outerwear, most of which was either nonfunctional (who wears a coat that isn't intended to close in front?!?) or way out of my price range. So I went home defeated.

Could I make it myself? Of course I could. Would I make it myself? Probably not.

With defeat and disappointment radiating in waves around my head, I hit the consignment stores yesterday with the girlchild ... and SCORED! Cute black denim jacket, heavily embellished. I spent last evening removing the sequins but leaving the other bits, and now will embellish it my own way. NOT crazy-quilt style, but decidedly fun and funky.  So, for the price of the coat I originally lusted after (and still do, I must confess) I got a funky jacket, a heavier autumn coat that's a nearly perfect replacement for the current one, a dressy overshirt I can wear to meetings and such, and a dress for the girlchild!

sneaky-peek showing the jacket on my bead box (Contrary to my husband's thoughts about intended uses, I believe Plano makes the best bead boxes!): 

[Aside:  While looking at one of the gorgeous custom-made frock coats I said to the dealer, "If I spent $600 on an autumn coat my husband would divorce me!"  His response:  "How much do you like your husband?"]


  1. Great story, and good for you! Post progress photos, K???

  2. I am intrigued! Looking forward to seeing the end result!

  3. Awesome. I look forward to seeing it.