Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Look for Me in SLC

I'm off to Sewing Summit tomorrow morning!  I'll leave at an atrocious hour to drive to the shuttle, which will take me to JFK, and thence to Utah.  I'm going alone, first time ever leaving my family for non-work-related purposes for this long, so I'm a little nervous but very excited.  Catch me tonight and you'll see me in full pushing-50-menopausal-manic mode!

I made a new handbag - Marlous Designs' Linda Bag, with cool Origami folding to make multiple sections.  The pattern is a bit tricksy for a beginner but it's a great bag. 

If you don't spot the bag you'll still be able to recognize me coming
or going!
 (yup, still a work in progress and likely to be for some time - please don't yank my needle as you pass by!)


  1. that jacket is wicked cool! You are going to do a bunch of your talented beading on it right? Have fun in SLC! I'm definately going to have to get to one of these 'shows' eventually. Take lots of pics...

  2. Nice bag! Love the origami style. Love your name badge and jacket, of course. Look forward to hearing all about your adventures after you return and get the family back in line!