Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Cold Tip and a Win

A Cold Tip: 
I don't know where I first got this tip but I've used it for years - it'd be a Hot Tip if it wasn't December.  Now, ordinarily I share few photos of my home, and I would be horrified if any of you actually *saw* my downstairs bath - aka the Skanky Bath or the 30-Year Bath (as in, the 10 Year Plan is starting to look a lot like a 30 Year Plan!).  BUT:

When you bring your holiday wreath home, fill the tub with cold water and let it soak overnight.  Like so:
(ain't it purty?  It's almost a heart wreath!)

In the morning, drain the tub and let the wreath sit a few hours to dry, decorate with extras if that's your pleasure, and hang.  I've gotten wreaths as early as December 1 and taken them down as late as the end of January, and I have never once had a wreath drop needles or turn brown on me.  If I could figure out a way to soak the whole tree overnight I'd give that a shot too!

A Win:
Chris from We Love Quilting sent me a great box of goodies!  She does a monthly giveaway on her blog and I was the December winner!  Look at all this cheer!  There are notions and fabric and a magazine and a honking huge quilty bag and notebooks and cards and embroidery transfers and a Kanzashi flower maker and a very cool beaded spider.

The beaded spider looks just perfect with the glass flowers hubby made me.  One of my offspring tried to abscond with the spider but I stood firm - this time.  In this house spiders are my gig; they can take the zombies and steampunk gears and other good stuff, but spiders are mine.

Thanks so much Chris!

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