Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bus Driver, Bus Driver, Open the Door!

Remember when you thought that was the funniest joke in the whole world?  OK, I'll confess, I still think it's funny. 

I don't usually "do" for the kids' teachers anymore, but when I did I always did a little something for their bus drivers too; they are brave and hardy souls indeed!   Now that the girlchild is in high school and the boychild in junior high there seems to be less call anymore.  But the girlchild's bus driver is a special exception:  the girlchild goes to the regional technical school, so her driver goes through six towns on her daily route, starting at about 5:30 a.m.!

Naturally she has to open the door.  A lot.  Even in February.  I presume she's always freezing since she keeps an old comforter folded atop her lap every day - I think it has Care Bears on it.  So several weeks back I set out to make something to make her drive a little more comfortable. 
I present The Driver's Apron:

A simple apron made of warm quilty goodness!  LONG ties to go all the way round and back again, with loops in front for added strength.  I tried to find a size that would cover her lap without flapping over, getting caught in the gear shift or otherwise hindering her, keeping in mind that I don't really know her size since she's always seated and covered with a comforter!  It measures about 28 inches square.

I recruited my adorable neighbor Courtney to help me show you the apron.  Here she is, in her very first modelling job!
It's easy to put the apron on:

And, since she has a better vehicle than I do for approximating the high seat of a bus, here it is In Action:

[I love the tractor covered with Christmas lights, it looks terrific in the evenings!]



I hope the bus driver likes it; I hope you do, too.  It's a great stashbuster and way better all around than a bearskin!


  1. Action shots on a tractor! Nice.

  2. This is very clever, and your friend looks so cute modeling for you!

  3. OMG ~ Sally....I CANNOT stop laughing. You are hilarious....too bad I can't make the apron look a bit more sexy. Thanks for the good times....what a LUCKY driver :)

  4. Hi! This is such a great idea, and I LOVE the photos on the tractor! Happy New Year!!