Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope your year goes well, with the ups higher than the downs are low, with dreams fulfilled and warm, loving people surrounding you.

2011 wrapup:
Clamshells: mostly unchanged since my last update - shameful.  Will get back into it once my Clammy Mojo returns!

Hexagons:  Some progress this year - 3 completed "flowers," one mostly done, 3 to go.  It's more work than it appears at first - that last round on each finished flower is 60 hexies!

And this year's "stock" handmade ornament - from Sarah's tutorial last year.  Note to self: stop agonizing, pick ONE pattern, and start earlier next year!  These were given out as fast as I could finish them.  They are very lovely but take lots of time, so start in September or October if you want to make these in bulk!  I made several more that did not get photographed but you get the idea ...
I already have several Must-Do's for 2012 but am going to make an effort to be more restrained about leaping into every online quiltalong just because I adore the outcome.  I need to finish some of my ever-growing stack of UFOs, many of which are the direct result of the aforementioned weakness! 
Having said all that, I'm enrolled to take a class with Jackie to make Judy Niemeyer's Total Eclipse quilt, and I'm totally stoked!  Thanks Hubby, what a wonderful present - it's a wise man who buys his wife the exact gift she suggests. I'm drooling over batik-y goodness and dreamily visualizing the outcome. Hope you have something yummy to dream about as we start yet another year.

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  1. Love the hexies! Have my own hexie project going and it will be a long term project.

    Now that I'm almost done with my clamshell project, would love to see yours!

    I have no idea why but I can comment on this post but not your latest.