Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Made a Circle!

Today I went to the first of three classes on Judy Niemeyer's "Total Eclipse" pattern.  My first time foundation paper piecing.  Totally cool.  It takes a lot of tools and a lot of room, messy if you're that kind of worker (I am!), results in some fabric waste, and wow-wow-wow, delivers impressive results!  Look at those pointy points!

Most of you already know, or know of, Jackie Kunkel; she's our instructor, and I can tell you right now she's just as kind and funny and clever as she is in her online persona.   She's also fond of the occasional killer sale; keep your eyes peeled and you'll be amply rewarded!

LOTS of homework - there are a whole lot more quadrants to make before next week's class - but I couldn't help but share this. I'm totally chuffed, I want to give this picture to my Mom and see it posted on her fridge!  Lookie what I made!


  1. Yay!! It looks fantastic. I am so glad you were able to finish them up as soon as you got home. I can't wait to see the rest next week. Thank you for the kind words too... right back at ya!

  2. It's gorgeous! I would love to take a class like that! Can't wait to see the rest....

  3. How wonderful is your circle, and how cool is it your taking it from Jackie Kunkel. She seems so nice. I love to order Kona Cotton from her, and once talked to her on the phone because there was a problem with my order. She's also very kind over email, I've asked her questions about fabric a couple times. Wish I lived in CT and could go with you! Have lots of fun making pretty circles!!

  4. That is gorgeous! I am so impressed!