Sunday, January 15, 2012


Owow, I had my second class on Judy Niemeyer's "Total Eclipse" quilt yesterday and everyone's stars are amazing!  Each and every one has its own fantastic appeal!  Jackie seems to be having a good time teaching us and it's easy to see why - the class members are all good folks and the class results are so striking!  See what I mean?

I wanted to point out that there is one member of the class making hers with regular prints instead of batiks; I think Elisa's end result will be just as beautiful as the others'!!
My first completed block.  A little wonky, but that's a genuine curve and it's a new technique for sewing it.  Hopefully they will get better as I make more over the next two weeks; I'll let you know.


  1. I am having fun! And you are all fantastic! I love everyone's blocks, all fabulous. Can't wait until the next class!

  2. Hi Sally!! Your block looks great. I still have put 2 of mine together-- have to finish all H & KM units first and play with them on the design wall before I "commit" to a pair. By now you've probably done a bunch more. Loved reading your post-- thanks for the link! Have a great [two] weeks of quilting!

  3. Wowsa, these are beautiful!! GREAT job!!

  4. The blocks are beautiful! I hope you've enjoyed the process.