Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Shallows and the Deeps

I finally finished the girlchild’s quilt! This is my first quilt, second finish. It's a smallish twin - she has a loft bed so I didn't want too much overhang. Wish I hadn’t started the binding before doing that quilt-along, it’d be prettier.
The shallows – where the colorful and prettyful stuff swims:

The deeps, where the best coral formations and the Big Fish hang:

The back came about because I bought a LOAD of fabrics and realized I had very diferent colorways going down - I simply chose my favorite of the "this won't work with the others" prints and worked around it. I love these fish!

Draped in the shallow and deep shade in the backyard:

I did not make a label for this one, but it does have a bloodstain up near the first corner of the binding and DD was there when I jabbed myself with the needle so she’ll always remember it was a labor of love from Dear Old Mom. Remind me not to use white again.
Next up: Zig Zags, and the girlchild’s shades, and the boychild’s quilt and shades, my ongoing GFG (I think I have A Plan!) and whatever else comes up in between! Have been doing a bit of crochet too, will post at some point along the way.


  1. oh my gosh, I love love love those colours! It's beautiful!!!

  2. Great Blues! the deep blue sea! fun to find you blog!

  3. Wow! That is such a beautiful quilt! I have never gotten the hang of it myself but yours just takes my breath away!