Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Gift Crafting, Part III

Last but not least.  Two doll quilts for my niece, shown here in action!  The smaller doll is 18" tall, the large one is 26" so I sized the quilts accordingly.  I used Jay MCCarroll's "Garden Friends"  and "Woodland Wonderland" lines with assorted hopefully-complementary fabrics.  My kids and I call these the "Psychobunny" quilts. 

Shamefully, I did not take any closeups of the smaller quilt.  Basic bordered rectangles in the pink version of Psychobunnies (sorry, it's too much fun to say, makes me smile every time!) with wavy-lines quilting.  The blue and rust fabrics went for her boydoll - small tumblers.  Hopefully you can see my quilting there, it was my first attempt at getting creative with the walking foot. 

I hadn't thought of it before the fact, but the quilts are perfect for her dolls' travels; they wrap up very sweetly in them!  I think my niece liked them; she said she couldn't wait for her next doll meet because the others were going to be jealous - hooray, a hit!


  1. Funny, I just super sized the photo of the back of the quilt and they do look a little like psycho-bunnies.

  2. oh my gosh, where were those punk rocker dolls when I was growing up? They are so cool!

    Love the quilts. That Jay McCaroll line was one of my favs for kids prints.

    psycho-bunnies LOL!

  3. You won my give away. Congrats!!!