Monday, January 11, 2010

The Obligatory Quilter's Cat

Our cat is very pretty, very stupid, and getting old.  I'm not being mean when I say she's stupid: when my sister saved her from Stray-Cat-Dom she'd had some sort of traumatic brain injury and it shows to this day.  But she is exceptionally sweet and very very pretty, so that mostly makes up for it - plus it's kind of fun to say, "ooh, little brain damaged kitty!" while petting her, kind of a change from the usual oobly-boobly things we murmur to cats while stroking them.

It's taken her well over a year to figure out that sewing is an active-participation activity for a cat (well, active in cat terms, you know); it's only in the past few weeks that she has begun haunting my cutting mat, the ironing board and, today, my box of strings.  It's nerve-wracking trying to keep her from the iron and hard to gently tug those strings from beneath her sleeping body!  She snores, too.


  1. My parents have a cat like yours. They were so taken with him and rescued him when the next door neighbours left him behind. (They weren't cat lovers and treated all of their animals horrendously!) But a few trips to the vet and patience to let him know that we were not going to harm him has made him a lovely, if not 'slightly brain damaged cat'. He takes a long time to think and you can literally see the cogs turning in his head. So deciding whether to jump up on a chair, or changing direction crossing the yard can be a long process. But he is the sweetest.
    Hope you are surviving the snow storms. Our news broadcasts are full of the stories every night.

  2. Hi Sally! Love your blog post with your cat. Every quilter needs an obligatory cat to help add fiber content to their quilts. My quilts are always made with 80% cotton and 20% cat hair!

    Glad to know you through blogland.