Sunday, February 14, 2010

All You Need ...

In my house, this is what Love looks like on a typical Sunday morning:

Fresh coffee cake and time to dawdle over the newspaper.

Today, it looks like this:

Hubby and I have a little tradition wherein he makes me something out of paper for Valentine's Day.  I usually try to find a unique card and inscribe it with something appropriate.  This year I found him a cool card via the CraftHope etsy shop, and he made me a stuffed heart out of tissue paper and aluminum foil.  Look, he sewed for me, I'm swooning!  He even did a bit of needle sculpting for the top of the heart, and thoughtfully sewed in a thread hanger for the back so I can hang it in my funky desk with the others.  Single gals, marry a former Boy Scout if you can manage it, they're very handy! 

One of the fun things about the holiday is crafting with the kids.  The boychild is still in elementary school so he had to come up with something for all of his classmates.  Here's what we did this year - clearly the boychild would rather have been mass-killing zombies online than working on this project with me!  It's a far cry from Corrie's elegant version, but there is "love in every stitch" and a few Hershey Kisses inside as well! 

Hope your day is filled with Love.
p.s. - sorry so long between posts; I got sick for a bit there and seriously lost my Mojo.  But it's back now;  I'll have a new quilt to post later this week when I'm sure the USPS has completed their delivery, and I'm nearly finished with the boychild's blocks.  Off to the sewing room!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your husband deserves mancrafter of the year award! cool is he?

  2. That's what my Sunday table looks like too, minus the crafty heart. Now, I've come along to enjoy your blog (it's great, another distraction!) and tell you to bravely jump into applique. It is -not- too hard and Red Delicious is -not- beyond you. Just stitch it!