Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Love

My husband's cousin is due in August so I made her a snowball and ninepatch using SEI/Kauffman's PlayDay in Summer colorway:
This fabric line was great to work with, so cheerful and with a really nice hand.   Am I the only one who hears the theme song to "The Partridge Family" when looking at these little birds?
Coins for the backing:
This is not her first child, but it's been several years since her last and every Mom needs burp cloths so I fancified a few with the leftovers.  When I had babies my burp cloths were strictly utilitarian; I probably wouldn't have minded showing up to work with one of these mistakenly left on my shoulder! I used an online tutorial with wider edge stitching; I had a feeling that the fabric wasn't going to play nicely with the birdseye if I tried a tight topstitch and I don't mind the look for something like this.
I learned after beginning this project that she is going to have a girlchild; hope she's not totally set on pink accessories!

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  1. hello world there's a song that we're singing.....

    It's beautiful and she'll love it!