Monday, January 31, 2011

Clamshells, month 8

Month 8 of the Clamshell Club already!  I completed three rows this month, bringing the total to 25 rows.  Did a bit of basting too; at this rate I will be lucky to finish the top this calendar year!  I'm glad I used muslin though, it adds to the vintage-y Grandma feel of this one.  Here it is on a snowbank - no chance of reaching the clothesline this week!  FYI:  the crease you see is my version of bulk management; I've been folding down the top and measuring from that point for each row so I have less mass to heave around while I'm stitching the clamshells on.

My new project this weekend was making shoes!  Well, house shoes or slippers.  Pattern courtesy of I Think Sew.  A little lumpy, and I did the toe crossovers wrong, but this is version 1.0 and I think there will be more of these in my future!!  I did add a layer of batting in the insert and they are very comfortable.

Lastly:  On a whim I started cutting up a panel on Saturday evening.  Right now it looks more like OBWTF than a proper OBW, but I'm still ironing the blocks.  Here's a peek at the initial layout on my design wall.


  1. Your clamshell project is utterly divine. I'm glad you're using muslin. I agree. It adds to the vintage feel of this dreamy quilt!

    ...and making shoes? Wow! Those are really neat and you never cease to amaze me.

  2. Oh Sally your Clamshells are so beautiful!!
    ..and gee you've really made some progress.
    I've been so slow with mine and many other things taking precedence!
    Must get stuck in this year... think I'd like to finish this year... is that possible?

    Keep going! Yours is wonderful xx

  3. Wow Sally, you have done a great job with your clamshells. I love the scrappy look and you are so right to use muslin. I wish I would have done so. I use all those scrappy white on whites and they sometimes are difficult to stitch.
    The slippers are adorable and remind me of the Orient. I might try to sew some one day.

  4. Cute shoes and lovely OBW. And, look at that clamshell quilt grow! I only managed to stitch down a handful in January, but I think I have a plan for February to be more productive.