Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ninja Assassin Iguanas!

Our trip to St. John, USVI, was much as you'd expect in many respects.  This was our fourth time visitng this part of the world, and I can think of few lovelier places to be.

There was a gorgeous view from the tent-cabin, complete with sweet breezes,
Gorgeous vistas everywhere,

(This view is lovely but you probably wouldn't have liked the hike to get to this vantage point! I have been labelled a ruthless tyrant after "making" my family go on this particular walk.)


Ruins to contemplate,

Lots of playing in and near the water,
and beautiful flora and fauna of course.


But the real stars of this year's trip - mostly because they shoved their way into the spotlight - were the Ninja Assassin Iguanas, as we affectionately called them.  There were five that hung around the cabin, from fairly small to humungous.  One in particular was very aggressive, climbing right onto the deck of our tent-cabin demanding snacks.  The kids named him Vert.
I didn't have any leafy greens onhand but he liked corn chips!

Here he is going right past the corn chip and - eek! - right toward me!  I skittered away.  I know, I know, but he still scared me!

And just in case you had any doubts about how very tough Vert is:

In my own defense, I came in after the fact and it's not my photo; but rest assured Vert did not in fact eat any of those nasties and they were removed from his reach shortly thereafter.  I thought the boychild would actually injure himself laughing over this little incident.  What do you think, shall I submit it?  "I CAN HAZ DEATHSTICKS?" or "YOU TALKIN' TO ME?"


  1. Ahh, that iguana is huge.
    The crab is cute too. What a great vacation.