Friday, January 21, 2011


Pies of the Caribbean! You guessed it, my next handwork project is Sue Daley’s Pies & Tarts. Oh, swoon! I’ve been keen on this one for months and months, and finally bought the “playing with paper” starter pack. Carried several cut fabrics and the papers with me to St. John in my handy-dandy Well Done Experience  pouch. Here it is in action:

Now look up - see that cool bromeliad growing in the Maho tree?  Wow! Air roots get me every time.

Ten and a half pies basted!  I’ll be taking this one slowly – I want to get serious again about my Clamshells and my hexagons; when I finish my Clamshell top I’ll come back to this, except when I need a portable project. The others are too big now, they really are, that's not a rationalization for a new start .... well, maybe a little one ...

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  1. Ohhh someone named Karen loves those dern Pies! Pretty colors and gosh, thanks for the photos of the bromeliad! THAT is neat!!!